Belgian Grand Prix: What info a real speed lover has to know about the tournament

Belgian Grand Prix is an adherent stage of F1 racing tournaments. Everything started in 1925 when they organized the 1st national competitions for racers in Belgium at Spa region. This area is always remembered as the territory where Belgian motorsport sport tournaments are held. Spa in Belgium frequently surprises racers with its weather because it’s almost impossible to predict when it’s going to rain. Belgian tournaments organized in Spa were proclaimed the European Grand Prix 6 times in the period between 1925 and 1973.

The History of F1 Grand Prix in Belgium

The track in Spa was constructed in 1921 long before the 1st f1 Belgium Grand Prix united the fans here. This circuit was built for motorcycle racers and they used it in this way until 1925. Grand Prix which was held in Belgium became the stage of the world’s championship F1 in 1950. They kept modifying the track in Spa but it transformed into a tricky and dangerous place for racers. That’s why in 1972 the Belgian tournaments moved to Zolder and Nivelles-Baulers. After they modified Spa track to make it safer, f1 Grand Prix returned to this circuit again. Since then, tournaments in Belgium are always held in Spa.

Belgian F1 Grand Prix Tournaments Format

F1 Spa Grand Prix in Belgium is among the most prestigious and oldest racing tournaments. The tournament includes several sessions performing a few f1 stages: practice, qualification, racing. In 2019, Belgian F1 Grand Prix is held on August, 30 – September, 1.

The Main Features of Grand Prix in Belgium

Racing tournaments in Belgium are annually held at Spa track. It’s one of the most prestigious and loved circuits in the world. In 2019, the following teams are going to participate in Grand Prix organized at Belgian Spa track:

  • Mercedes;
  • Williams;
  • Ferrari;
  • Red Bull;
  • Renault;
  • Force India;
  • Haas;
  • McLaren;
  • Toro Rosso;
  • Sauber;
  • Gold Strike;

Tickets for F1 Tournaments in Belgium

Anyone who wants to enjoy the real show at F1 Belgium Grand Prix can buy tickets in advance. The best teams are going to perform their racing skills at Spa track this summer. In 2019, F1 tournaments in Belgium is organized on August, 30 – September, 1.

Belgian F1 Grand Prix 2019 Betting

Real fans of F1 may not only enjoy a marvelous show but also earn some money. Grand Prix in Belgium is a prestigious tournament providing exceptional winnings. There’s only the need to select the best team and bet at Belgian racing tournaments.

The Total Info About F1 Racing in Belgium

Belgian racing competitions are considered to be the most exciting ones. They are held at a perfect track in Spa which provides ideal conditions for racing. This year, fans will enjoy the competitions on August, 30 – September, 1.


  • What is F1 Belgian Grand Prix?

It’s a racing tournament held at Spa track annually.

  • Can I buy tickets and visit this event?

Sure, you can! It lasts for three days at the end of summer-beginning of autumn. In 2019, racing competitions at Spa track are organized on August, 30 – September, 1.

  • Can I bet on my favorite team?

Yes, you can bet on any team you prefer.

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